How to Submit

There are some steps which must be taken by the author to submit article at Digital Journal of Universitas Muhammadiyah Kotabumi. Those steps are:

  1. Since this page manage several journals, author must choose the targeted journal.
  2. The author must ensure that the submited article match with the criteria or guidelines of journal.
  3. Every journal has its own template, author must write the article by using target journal template which can be downloaded publicy.
  4. Remember that the article written without following the template, will not be processed.
  5. Before submiting article, the author must login or create new account if unregistered.

Hosted Journal

We manage some journal, you can click the link below for detail:

  1. Edukasi Lingua Sastra
  2. Eksponen
  3. Legalita
  4. Agrimals
  5. Sienna

If you require any further information, let us know. You can contact us on contact page.