Female character's Struggle Upon Patriarchy Portrayed in Mary E. Wilkins's The Revolt of Mother

Abstract: Short story as one of literary works can be the reflection of human life and also historical background in which human live in certain time and period. The portrayal of the characters in the short story can describe vividly the life of people in the real life in certain period. This article tries to portray how women in America living under the pressure of patriarchy during 1920s and it is described though female character in Mary E Wilkins’s The Revolt of Mother. The struggle of female character in this short story to survive upon the oppression of patriarchy is so touching and inspiring. The author creates such a delicate but tough female character who finally can conquer her husband’s absolute privilege which made her to live with suffering for forty years. The female character’s suffering in this short story is hoped to be our inspiration to give more appreciation for women, and giving them protection from the violence comes from patriarchy.        Key words: female character, short story, patriarchy  
Rini Susilowati


The aim of this study is to investigate peer assessment effect on students’ writing performance. Writing is one of activities that students should be learnt to achieve language ability especially in English, but the fact they often face difficulties when they write because they have to be able in organization, content, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics, so it is important for them needs interaction and collaboration from their friends or peers to solve those difficulties together, it called as peer assessment. Peer assessment is a common activity used in writing classroom and it can increase students’ writing performance, it also can be beneficial for both writer and teacher. For the teacher, it helps him saving time in checking students’ works, further for students, peer assessment can assist and gain their performance quantitatively and/or qualitatively by stimulating the peers to discuss, reflect, and collaborate well. Peer assessment is very effective and to be more active and productive by interacting each other students and intended communication relates the error of poor organization, misuse of punctuation, the use of faulty sentences, inappropriate the diction and capitalization. It presents the students improvement of the writing performance.
Rulik Setiani


Language is a humans tool for communicating. English is a language that is often used to communicate between countries, English language skills are needed because it is now an era of globalization. Then a way is needed to improve English skills by going through a learning terrace program. Learning terrace program is an English tutoring program for students. The purpose of this activity is to improve the English language skills that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially the lower economic community is needed place that can provide alternative problem solving, namely the existence of free English learning activities that are learning terrace program conducted with facilities that make use of the terrace of people's homes, but do not ignore the quality factors of the results and the process.
eny munisah

Peningkatan Kemampuan Membaca Kalimat Dengan Aksara Lampung Melalui Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Literasi Informasi Siswa Kelas Iv Sdn 04 Tanjung Aman Kotabumi Tahun Pelajaran 2020/2021

The learning material in Lampung language is quite difficult to learn by elementary students. One of those were the material Lampung’s script reading. The teacher should be able to carry out the planning and learning experiences that will be provided to students properly. The teacher should be good at using a learning model that can improve students’ reading ability and motivation to learn Lampung’s script. One of those models that can be use by the teacher were information literacy learning model. The problem of this research is the improvement of students’ reading abilityto read Lampung’s script sentences through the implemenation of information literacy learning model at fourth grade students of sdn 04 Tanjung Aman Kotabumi in academic year2020/2021 The research objective was to describe the improvement of students’ reading ability to read Lampung’s script sentences through the implemenation of information literacy learning model at fourth grade students of sdn 04 Tanjung Aman Kotabumi in academic year 2020/2021 Classroom Action Research was applied in this research that devided into 4 steps, i.e; planning, implementing, observing and reflection. For the implementing steps was carried out in three cycle. Based on the implementation that already applied in this reserach, it could be conclude that the application of the information literacy learning model could improve the students learning process by reading Lampung’s script sentences. It could be seen based on the result as follows; (1) The precentage of the completeness of the assessment of the students’ ability to read Lampung’s script sentences in cycle I = 70% (22 students), cycle II = 85% (26 students), and cycle III= 98% (30 students). (2) The percentage of the model application of learning information in cycle I= 70%, cycle II= 83%, and cycle III= 95%.
Masitoh Masitoh

Kritik Sajak F Rahardi “Nasehat Nenek Pada Cucu Laki-Lakinya yang Sedang Patah Hati”

Literature criticism could be used as media for connecting the reader and the literature. Stages done in literature criticism is started by interpretation, analysis, and evaluation. Based on interpreation, analysis, and evaluation, this rhyme use clear diction, so it’s become inappropriate for student. In addition, some Indonesian words such as   berak, kencing, cebok, and kentut are assumed as inappropriate words. Thus, this literature has low education value for young readers, like students. The use of inappropriate enjambemen also creates and produces unclear meaning in every line of literature.
Sumarno Sumarno, Dewi Ratnaningsih


Pandemic of covid 19, sucessfully change education system in the world. Face to face system has already been changed to online system.  There are many challenges for the tachers to use this system because  not all students are ready to use this method. Online system does not become problematic problem for students in level of senior high school and university. But for the level of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school online system create new problems. Traditional teachers who are not accustomed to teaching online only give the students tasks without explaining anything. Hence the students become more and more confuse with the lesson.  The purpose of this paper is to explain reasons why teachers crativities are needed in online classes, especially for  traditional teachers who ought to cope with this problem. In addition, teachers have to upgrade their knowledge in order to adapt with unhappy situation. Moreover, some explanations about the strategies of online teaching are also clarified
Henny Yulia

A Study of Request Strategies used by EFL Baturaja University Students

Studi Strategi Permintaan yang digunakan oleh Siswa Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Universitas Baturaja

  Abstract: The problem in this study contents is about the request strategies used by ESL Baturaja University Students. The aim of this study was to determine the most common request strategies used by EFL Baturaja University students. In this analysis, the descriptive approach was used as the research methodology. The study had 80 student population. The  sample  of  the  study was 22 that  were taken by cluster  random  sampling  taken  from  English  students  of  English  education  study program in academic 2020/2021. For collecting the data  writer  was  used  a  discourse  completion test (DCT). Based on the result of the data showed that in the discourse completion test  (DCT) regarding the strategy requests used by students. So the result was as much as 16.55°/c student responses used direct strategies, as many  as  8 I .81/c  student  responses  used  conventionally indirect, and as many as I .62°/c student responses used  Non- conventionally indirect. lt means t hat, the dominant request strategies used by EFL was t he conventionally indirect.    
Mila Arizah -



The aim of this study is to find out the students’ perception toward using mobile technology for learning at Baturaja University. This study used the qualitative descriptive research design. The writer conducts 78 students as population of English Education Study Program. The writer only took 65 students as the sample by applying purposive sampling. The data was collected through the students’ perception questionnaire. Then the writer used descriptive statistics analysis technique using SPSS for analyzing the data based on percentage and frequency distributions. The results showed that overwhelming number of university had perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use toward the use of mobile technology for learning English. Majority of university students agreed that mobile technology was useful and easy to use for learning English. The findings indicated that students had high agreement interpretation on the using of mobile technology in perceived usefulness and ease of use to access mobile technology for learning English
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